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Listen to what THEY have to say...

I never really knew that I would work with a company like iComeUp. For the past five years I had been

searching for something that would allow me more freedom than a 9-5. Between allowing for a flexible schedule to follow my desires and doing work that is actually enjoyable and fulfilling, it has only been the most positive experience. I get to work with people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with who all teach me how to be a better version of myself every day. Within 7-8 months of hard work I was able to become a top account manager and double my income of two part-time jobs that would leave me miserable and drained at the end of every day. I am grateful that these people are invested in me and are now very great friends/partners/mentors of mine. Thank you to iComeUp for taking me out of my comfort zone and changing my entire situation.

Less than a year ago, I joined the iComeUp team and it has by far been the best investment I have ever

made in myself. I have earned over $5,000 despite only working part time from my phone, while also working a full time corporate job. Aside from financial successes, I have and still am learning priceless skills every day from this team that I don’t believe I could learn anywhere else. I feel fulfilled as I help people to grow their personal and professional brands, and inspired as I learn from the team leaders who are winning so big at such a young age.

I’ve been working with Icomeup for less than a month and I’ve sold $820. I was very skeptical of joining

due multiple “marketing agencies” reaching out to me and saying “let’s grow your account”. This ultimately drew me away from marketing agencies until I came across Icomeup. Since I’ve joined I’ve been able to take multiple online relationships and convert them to offline connections. I am more confident when I hop on a phone call with anyone now. & I am able to get what I want through a phone call without directly stating it! Without Icomeup I would not be able to grow, learn , and execute on the levels that I am right now.!

Since I’ve joined the iComeUp team about 7 months ago I have completely changed as a person inside and

out. I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge on how to think,talk,manage and most importantly earn more money as a young entrepreneur. I’m more than blessed to be apart of such a professional and positive uplifting team at the age of 16. Throughout these 7 months I have earned more than $6,000 and with that money I have been able to help out my parents financially as well invest back into my personal brand in order to expand and reach more of an audience to network and build strong relationships with. Opportunities like this don’t come up often for people my at my age, I will never take my place in this company for granted. I would like to give a special thanks to not only the Leaders of this company for making me who I am today but the whole iComeUp team as well. Getting around the right quality of people can change not only your life, but the lives of others around you.

I’m only at $156 in sales, but I’m hungry! Being from Kansas City, I decided to take the leap of faith to

travel to Miami for Entrepreneurcon in hopes of ridding myself of my old habits and creating new ones. I didn’t expect to join the team, but after just 2 weeks with you guys I feel like I finally have a platform to succeed. Before, I was at a dead end job just wasting time, going out drinking, and making excuses. It’s all changed. I track everything now from my days, income, calls and more all due to a change in mindset after Entrepreneurcon.

I started working for iComeUp in October/November 2017 at age of 17. To this date I made something close

to $10.000 and I learnt a lot about social media, how to leverage it and utilize it properly. It gave me an opportunity to travel from Czech to Miami, network with like-minded people, pay part of my family’s bills for 5 months when my dad lost his job and so on. I am truly glad I am learning these skills at such age and that I am surrounded by team that keeps me motivated.

My experience with iComeUp has been more valuable to me than any experience I have gained from previous

career choices. I started as a sales affiliate with the company while working full time as an assistant manager at Hollister Co. This opportunity allowed me to tap into a part of me that I so eagerly wanted to unlock, my success-driven side. Having the home office an arms length away, I had the honor of working alongside like-minded individuals and mentors such as Cody and Jeremy. After six months with the company I am now an account manager managing over 40 accounts. I have made more than 2000 dollars in sales coming in with zero experience. My biggest takeaways are: strangers have everything you need and the ones with the most attention have the most success. As of now I have given my two weeks notice at Hollister Co and I wouldn’t be able to say that if it weren’t for this company and the team behind it.

My name is Matthew Luebke and I have with iComeUp about 3 weeks. In total I have made $155 in sales while

being a full time Marine. I love how everyone genuine looks out for each other. One thing I've learned from Cody is, if you want to gain muscle, surround yourself with people who have muscle. If you want to make money, surrounded yourself with people who have money. Everyone on the iComeUp team is hungry to create a better life, and that's the team I want to be on. I was inspired by our weekly video chats, so I committed and have a ticket to the Grant Cardone 10X conference in February. IComeUp is fasting growing and headed in the right direction. I am glad and proud to be apart of this team.

iComeUp Marketing has changed my life. Since joining iComeUp a year and a half ago I have been able to

DOUBLE my yearly income as a full time middle school science teacher. iComeUp has given me the ability to learn a crucial skill set in one of the most lucrative markets currently out there. The training and constant motivation has allowed me to level up in all aspects of my life and ultimately taught me what it takes to be successful. Whether it is calling a business, or flying out a whim to Miami to be with my team this company has taught me how to break out of my comfort zone. If you want to be successful today you need to have a team behind you. This company has given me the privilege to take on a leadership role and now help new members reach their goals. If you want to grow and are hungry to learn and win  I look forward to seeing your success in iComeUp Marketing and having it change your life too.

Since I’ve joined iComeUp Marketing I’ve been given the opportunity to go for my dreams. I’ve been challenged

by this team more so than anyone since I played High School Basketball and my coach was on my ass day in and day out to get stronger and move quicker. I’ve made $234 in sales thus far and I know this is only the beginning. I challenge myself every day to get out of my comfort zone, whether that be approach a new business that I never would have before or make a phone call that is uncomfortable to make being apart of this team has most importantly given me the courage to go after my dreams.  I will be apart of it as long as I am permitted and challenge myself to continue to play a greater role in this team in addition to working my full time job. If you want to change you have to be around the right people, I’d say Cody, Jeremy and the Team at iComeUp are a good place to start.

I’ve been with IComeup for a little over 2 months and have done about $2100 in sales since joining. Over

the past 4 months i’ve been transitioning from college to working a 7AM-5:30PM full-time job on wall street, working with Icomeup, and an entrepreneurial ecommerce company called East Isle Company. Icomeup has opened doors to amazing opportunities and people I am grateful for. It has taught me that age isn’t an indicator of the value you can bring. Consistency is key and mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them. Gratitude is a key principle to success. You should never settle, progress and getting uncomfortable go hand in hand. As a type 1 diabetic, celiac, and attending a private college as a D3 NCAA Lacrosse Player,  I’ve faced a lot of challenges. Health, student debt, being told i’m too small to play a college sport, you name it, i’ve heard it. Icomeup has connected me with Dr. Oz’s personal trainer, real estate professionals, and other entrepreneurs/people who share mutual goals. I bring as much value to them, and they’ve inspired me to hold myself accountable for my success. It’s just the beginning and i’m happy to be apart of a team who wants to help me succeed in life. My goal is to inspire others with my story, help others reach their highest potential, and most importantly give more than I take in life.

In less than 3 months iComeUp has created, managed and grown an affiliate program for my company Daily

Hustle Gear. We have been able to go from 0 to over 100+ affiliates in less than 90 days producing well over $10,000+ in new business. I now have 5 accounts with iComeUp, all have which have seen growth in the thousands of new followers monthly as well as an increase in sales. I have been approached by countless marketing companies, but none stood out to me like iComeUp Marketing. After multiple calls and interviews with Cody Kerns the CEO, I decided that I wanted him and his team to be in control of my digital marketing.